I spent the first half of 2017 trying to lose weight by counting calories. That worked for a bit but ultimately, I plateaued. Dorit helped me evolve from dieting to eating in a way that made me look better (Weight, skin, hair) and more importantly FEEL better. I travel often both personally and professionally which had historically made eating well a challenge but Dorit taught me best practices for eating in airports and while on vacation. This has been a gamechanger in my routine. I found her tips and guidance to be empowering and highly customizeable to my tastes and lifestyle. Thank you Dorit! I continue to recommend you to family and friends and cannot sing enough of your praises.
— Meghan, NEW YORK
After firing on all cylinders for too long, I hit a point where I let the stress of life get the best of me. Seeking out a wellness coach was exactly what I needed to take care of myself and live a mindful, more fulfilling life.

Dorit listened to my day-to-day struggles, personalized my own wellness journey, and helped me find the balance I needed. I now feel empowered to live in a way that nourishes me both mentally and physically. Her coaching was a wonderful investment in myself
— Melissa, NEW YORK

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