Banana Ice Cream

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This recipe is super easy and requires only a few ingredients, but its packed with natural sweetness and creaminess just like ice cream! YOu can have this for breakfast, dessert, or whenever you'd like.

This is a great option for vegans who have a hard time finding a creamy ice cream to buy in stores. Its way less expensive and way more tasty!


  • Ripened bananas
  • Unsweetened almond milk
  • Any toppings you like!

****The key to your banana ice cream coming out smooth is having a good blender, if you try this and don't have a good one, its likely to break. I used my magic bullet.

1. Cut up as many bananas as you'd like (about 3 small ones will give you a large single serving) and freeze overnight.

2. Blend with just enough almond milk to give it a soft creamy texture, add in the almond milk slowly (about a TBSP at a time) to make sure the mixture stays thick.

3. You can mix in any nut butters, chocolate chips, dates, coconut, or any other favorites you'd like to mix in! Grab a spoon and enjoy!

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