What is "Perfect" Anyways?

When you strive for perfection constantly, it eventually gets old. It becomes tiring. What is “perfect” anyways? Is it the mainstream definition of beauty? Is it the conventional way of living? But look at what happens when we all feel pressure to live this way. We are overcome by stress. Never feel good enough. Constantly comparing ourselves to each other. Feeling as if we have nothing to offer because we are told we can be better, do better, always.


What if we were happy in the now? What if we accepted our flaws and created our own beautiful image? What if beauty couldn’t be defined?


I think that’s where a lot of us are left off.  Realizing that striving for unattainable and unfulfilling goals won’t do us any good. What we can do is accept ourselves. Accept the unforeseen; accept the bumps in the road, and the bad days. If we didn’t have these moments in life we wouldn’t know what joy feels like, we wouldn’t know what letting go feels like. We wouldn’t know what it means to love oneself as a whole.


We each have a story to tell. We each have a path made up of events that have created who we are today. We will grow more, and help others on our journey. Our experiences allow us to relate to others. When we see beauty in everything different, we accept all the beauty within ourselves.


When we go through struggles and sadness in our lives we go to those that we can rely on and trust, for our own trust within is broken for a moment in time. We should aim to want to help others, as we’ve been in their shoes, we’ve felt similar pain and defeat. If we can cradle them for a moment, we can cradle a bit of ourselves too.


Maybe perfection isn’t definable. Maybe beauty isn’t external. Once we accept life as being an experience of hope, love, and a magical journey that allows us to create ourselves and spread something positive in this world, then we will find beauty. Then through all the imperfections we’ve seen, dealt with, and felt, we will be left with a sense of peace and understanding.