Nourishing Smoothie Bowl

10610679_10154531361920085_321663849620668519_n Bananas are a staple in my kitchen. Freezing them overnight has become second nature. They are the my favorite fruit to add to smoothies and always add a perfect amount of creaminess. When you get tired of having smoothies every morning, smoothie bowls are a tasty  option instead! You can also pack on m0re toppings this way!

Mixing in greens into smoothie bowls is my thing, because during the day I try to incorporate as much iron and greens into my diet. The banana and blueberries cover up any bitter flavor from the spinach. So I get my vitamins and flavor at the same time.

When people complain about disliking the taste of fruit and vegetables its usually because their tastes buds haven't adapted to the flavors, and they are used to indulging in meats, cheeses, and salty foods. When I look back on my diet 5 years ago to today I can't believe what I was eating, and the amount I was eating! When we get used to certain foods, we become caged in by them and forget what other amazing options are out there. It's always great to try new things, because not only will you taste something new, but you will begin to train your taste buds to enjoy eating healthier.

Dried figs and dates have become my candy. Nut's and dark chocolate have become my indulgence foods. And fruit and vegetables are now my staples. Its a whole new lifestyle, and one that supports feeling and looking great. Now I nourish my body, instead of feed into my cravings and overeat.

Do you ever notice that voice inside your head telling you how full you are, and to stop eating? But you can't. Why can't you? Or why won't you? It's because your pleasure sensors aka seratonin is being released in your brain, and you enjoy the taste so much that you can't stop eating even when you're full. Which can form into a food addiction, and many of us have it. Most people are addicted to processed sugar, and consume about 34 teaspoons a day, and 150 pounds per year! Talk about sweet tooth...

When we recognize that sugar is 7 times more addicting than cocaine, and deal with this major issue  instead  feeding it to children at a young age and making them addicted to sugar at a young age, thats when we will see long-term improvement. Eating a plant-based diet will not only help with your sugar cravings it will eventually get rid of them! You won't have to rely on sugar for energy anymore, nor will you want to. That sugar and caffeine crash just won't appeal to you. And instead of relying on sugar and caffeine you will be free from these foods, and move on to better and more nourishing ones!

I know that this smoothie bowl will have you looking forward to breakfast, and will please anyones tastebuds. Especially if you are transitioning to a more plant-based diet. The bananas are a natural sweetener and add a creaminess to this bowl. The blueberries add a nice color, tartness and are filled with antioxidants. The spinach provides a serving of greens in the morning, and add fiber, protein, and iron to the bowl! The almond milk provides an extra boost of calcium. The best part is, there are only a few ingredients, and this recipe is quick and easy to make! Perfect for mornings when your in a hurry! Hope you enjoy!


  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup fresh blueberries
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 handful spinach


  • freshly sliced banana
  • fresh blueberries
  • 2 TBSP coconut chips

1. Blend smoothie bowl ingredients together well, pour into bowl. Add on the toppings! Enjoy!