Radishtowear's Sophie Jorissen Talks About Everything From Food to Fashion

My good friend and Amsterdam based fashion blogger Sophie Jorissen from Radishtowear shares everything from food to fashion. Not only is she a fitness fanatic, and fashion enthusiast, she also loves to eat and cook healthy food! 

1.    What does Radishtowear represent? How did you come up with the name?

I started Radishtowear to continue my writing. I fell in love with writing down stories during a six-month internship at a Dutch magazine and I really wanted to keep pursuing that. I figured online was such an easy way to do so and creating a blog was the most logical step for me. At first I only posted recipes (cooking is also a big passion), because I was a bit shy about pursuing my dreams in fashion.  But after a while I figured I wasn’t getting any younger haha, so if that’s what I wanted to do, why didn’t I just go ahead and do it! So just about a month ago I started focusing more on fashion on radishtowear.com and I guess it was the best decision ever – my followers on Instagram are growing with about 2000 a week ever since! I guess it’s true what they say; if you do what you love others will love it too.

The name is easy! It sounds like ready-to-wear, which is about fashion of course, but because I also love food – I just switched ready to radish! Haha.

2.    What are healthy food staples you always have in your kitchen?

I got these great old fashioned storage boxes for food from my grandmother where I like to keep things like rice, and legumes (lentils), but also breakfast-stuff such as oats, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds. The other thing I do is I also always make sure I have enough fruits & veggies for the next day, but I don’t really have to because I live right above a farmers market here in Amsterdam. This market is everyday except for Sunday, so I usually get fresh blueberries, raspberries and avocado’s there.

3.    What inspires your blog content?

I think reading lots of magazines, checking out street style on the streets, seeing what other bloggers do online, but also everyday life.

4.    What else do you do? (Study or work)

I’m currently getting my Masters degree in Communication Science in Amsterdam, but I work in my big brother Lukas’ Agency, called Coqtail. This is a big company in Amsterdam focused on fashion & retail that offers solutions for brands within the digital connected world. They do lots of things, such as building websites and apps, but also strategic branding, e-commerce, social media etc. I create content for social media. This involves writing strategies, planning shoots, or shooting myself, and doing copywriting.

5.    Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

You can dream right? Let’s just say I’ll have about 3 million followers for my blog, which of course is turned into a huge success, live happily ever after with my boyfriend and ha, maybe we’ll even have a kid in ten years! –Who knows? Oe and I’ll be an amazing auntie for my nephew who’s just been born. He’s the cutest. He’ll be ten years old by then, so I can take him to concerts and spoil him rotten.

6.    What is your fashion style? Favorite brands at the moment?

I love using one statement piece in every look. So this might be the jacket, or shoes, or even pants. I try to combine it with soft, subtle tones and fabrics to let the statement piece stand out. Favorite brands …oh I have so many! But current faves are definitely SET and Filles a Papa. And of course I’m still crushing on the Chanel boy bag. Who doesn’t love that one J.

7.    Has health and fitness always been important to you?

No, not growing up. Let’s just say I wasn’t really the sporty spice ;).  I was more the kid that did musical (yep, singing haha) and theater. I actually discovered sports later on and I was really surprised that I loved it so much as I did.

8.    What are your favorite ways to exercise?

I really love yoga. It just makes me so relaxed. But just doing Yoga doesn’t satisfy me, so I do these HITT workouts at my gym and I jog in the park.

9.    What are your career goals?

Hmm, just doing what I love I suppose. I think when you’re working in a field that doesn’t have your heart makes it very difficult to be great at your work. I get that sometimes there aren’t really any other options, but if I could decide then that’s my goal.

10.  What are three pieces of clothing to always have in your closet?  

A white T-shirt, jeans and something to keep you warm like a blazer or my current favorite a bomber jacket.

11.  Who has inspired you the most in life?

Can I pick two? My mom J, because she’s the strongest, funniest and kindest person I know.  Second my grandmother, because to me she’s doesn’t feel like someone from another generation. Seriously if she weren’t my grandmother, she’d be my friend. She get’s our jokes. She’s honest, tells you exactly what she thinks and isn’t scared of anything. I want to grow old to be exactly like her.

12. What do you like to cook at home?

My addiction du moment is zuchetti with home made pesto. I just HAVE to eat it at least once a week. I love zucchini and mixing it with my favorite pasta saus is such a power-combo!

13. If you had to choose between getting to travel around the world, or having the most amazing closet filled with beautiful clothes, which would you choose and why?

Traveling around the world. There’s nothing like visiting other cultures, talking to people, experiencing nature and just live and breath on the earth we walk on. 

14.  What is your favorite beauty product that you cant live without?

Bobbi Brown Mascara! It’s the best.

15.  Do you take all of your own pictures?

Well obviously not the pictures of me – but all the others yes. My boyfriend loves photography so he just happens to help me out from time to time.