Pistachio Pesto

10502305_10154321412445085_3641437897978361699_n I'm staying in the beautiful countryside in upstate New York for a few weeks. It's filled with farms, farm stands, and farmers markets, all the things I love! Not only fresh and organic food, but locally gown as well! I mean…could it get any better for a health foodie!

So on my trip to the farm stand earlier this week I came across fragrant bright green basil, and I just had to buy it. I also saw some garlic scapes, which I had used once before to make pesto, and I figured basil pesto with garlic scapes would be a great mixture. I also love how everything sold at the farm stand was grown at the farm, and the fresh bread that was sold, was made by a lady in town who drops off freshly made bread every morning there! I just love discovering new things that I didn't know, and I come here quite often.

There weren't a vast array of options for fruit and vegetables at this farm stand, but that made it all the better. Limited options allow me to not be overwhelmed with ideas. I had pesto in mind and thats what I set out to make. I like using pistachios instead of walnuts because they add a sweet flavor to the pesto. Whereas walnuts add a more nutty and dry flavor, so it just depends on what you prefer. Pesto is my absolutely favorite sauce! It's perfect and refreshingly light for the summer time, and this recipe is dairy-free and vegan friendly. And I thought I may need some cheese in this recipe, but it really tastes wonderful without it!

The entire time I made this recipe, I just kept adding more and more ingredients to make a bunch of pesto and slowly added the olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. So keep in mind this recipe is just an estimate, because I didn't measure anything out. It will be the same when you make it as well. If you think it needs more salt, add it! Just add a little bit at a time!


  • 3 cups fresh basil
  • 1 cup pistachios ( I used salted, but you can use unsalted)
  • aprox 1/4 cup olive oil (add in slowly, until desired creamy consistency)
  • 4 small garlic scales (can substitute with garlic)
  • salt and pepper to taste

Blend all ingredients together in food processor, and add in the amounts slowly, to see what the recipe needs more of. Enjoy!