Whole Healthy Glow Rated Top 10 Foodies to Follow on Instagram



I feel so honored to be featured on The Cult Collective's website and chosen as one of the top 10 Foodies to Follow on Instagram! Please check out the article: http://thecultcollective.com/food-instagrams-to-follow/.

Also, take the time to add me on Instagram if you haven't already, @wholehealthyglow (http://instagram.com/wholehealthyglow).

Taking pictures of my yummy creations has become a hobby of mine. I look forward to brainstorming new recipes and adding new healthy meals to my everyday routine. I have submersed myself in cooking and eating healthy. I am currently studying to be a certified holistic health coach and have incorporated much of my learnings into my diet. My studies also jump started me to create Whole Healthy Glow. I love taking pictures, styling my food for pictures, and just following so many other Instagram and Facebook pages that are related to living and eating healthy. There's so much out there, its amazing and really inspiring! I think all of us foodies feed off of one another (no pun intended…hehe). I'm glad that I can inspire others too, because I really enjoy looking at all the beautiful creations on my feeds that foodies create!

I feel that there is more for me and Whole Healthy Glow to offer and inspire to others everywhere, and I'm loving all the feedback and positive vibes I've been receiving! I see a bright future ahead, and I'm excited to post more pictures and recipes that are just good for you and good quality food. It's as simple as that!

Much Love,

Dorit xx