Dorit was extremely helpful. She listened carefully to what I was saying, and came up with some useful suggestions. Dorit also brought a sample of some healthy drinks to get me started on some better eating habits. She is very knowledgeable about digestive problems and different solutions.
— Sue Marcoe
I have finally lost weight and have been able to keep it off. This has affected my life all around. I used to not know anything about nutrition or what foods to avoid. I now exercise, am a happier person, have so much energy, and just feel healthier. I would never have gotten to this place in life without Dorit’s guidance and help.
— Clara
I never knew that the foods you eat really do make a difference
in the way you feel, look and act. After working with Dorit I
have completely changed my outlook on food and nutrition,
and I have never felt better. My digestive system is healed, I have
more energy and my skin has never looked so healthy. Thanks Dorit!
— Rachel Cohen
As a mom of 5 and busy working mom I tend to put myself last. I am a physician who’s specialty is actually diabetes and metabolism. However for myself I knew I needed guidance and insight from an expert. Dorit listened to my dietary and overall health needs and incorporated a plan that reset my daily routine. After a month, my “new routine” became the family way. Our dinners and meals were simplified. I handled stress easier and I had more energy. Dorit provides personalized attention that works with your needs. I feel proud of how I’ve improved my health and stress level. The recipes are delicious and everyone loved dinner. I highly recommend her programs.
— Deanna Aftab
I absolutely loved working with Dorit! She helped me change my lifestyle into a healthy one, and helped me turn my life around. I went from someone who ate very poorly every day, never exercised, and was doing a lot of extra things that were hindering my life, and Dorit helped me turn around into someone who became much happier. I was able to lose 8 lbs working with Dorit, and a whole new outlook on life and maintaining a healthy lifestyle!! Thank you so much Dorit!
— Stephanie Hopp